our asheville visit to look at land

Hi, everyone!

As I mentioned in a previous post, we went to Asheville last weekend to check out a couple of properties that were offered to us in response to our ad. They were both beautiful!

The first was on Bee Tree Creek (how appropriate for the Bumbleshack, eh?), and it was really lovely. Besides a place to park the house, we would have use of an art studio and a nice yurt… but there was one big catch. No potable water. It’s on a lovely creek that feeds from a City of Asheville reservoir, which is what the previous property owners used when they were there, along with rain barrels. So we would have to set up a cistern and filter with a pump, which would cost us a little bit of money. Check out the photos though. Very nice!

And here are photos of the second property we visited.ย This one is 22 acres that borders the Biltmore Estate property, which is over 200 acres. There is an old, small sawmill on the property that is currently being used as a hay barn for some horses that live there (we love horses!). There is also a 14 ft deep spring fed pond/swimming hole with a diving dock! We would park the tiny house where the horse trailer is next to the cute tiny cabin (that used to be an office). We can fix up the cabin for them and then use it as an office/schoolhouse/art studio. Oh, and they have bees!! There is electric and well water, and we would have an unlimited supply of sawdust for our composting toilet. How convenient is that? ๐Ÿ™‚

We are pretty excited about our options!

10 thoughts on “our asheville visit to look at land

  1. That is fantastic!!!! I’m so glad that you guys have found something! Which ever one you may choose! Keep me posted on how things are going!
    We would love to meet you guys!
    Best of luck
    Stacy Smith

  2. This is awesome! I’m so excited for you! This inspires other tiny home hopefuls that they can live their dream. Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. Hey guys! Both of these look spectacular! I believe which ever way you go you will be more than satisfied. Best of luck with choosing your new location!

    Cameron & Eglantine

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