the bumbleshack has a new website!

New blog is up!

Yup, I had to break down and create a new blog. It appears this one has gotten old and incompatible for many things. Technology changes so quickly…or maybe I’M just getting old! This blog IS over 7 years old now. Sadly, I think it’s the latter. It’s getting harder for me to keep up!

I also bought a domain for the new blog,, to prepare for the day when I finally get to move to my land and plant my orchard. So the blog has moved over there from here on out, but I couldn’t bear to delete this one since it has all of your supportive comments on my blog posts! It’s like a diary, or a part of history from the beginning of the tiny house movement (even though I was terrible at posting), so it’s staying. And then there’s that one article I wrote about the financial benefits of tiny living that went viral that I can’t delete. I still can’t believe how many thousands of times it was shared! I learned a lot about blogging then. I will probably refer back to the old blog on occasion too.

Anyway, you should head on over and sign up for the new blog! Like right NOW! I plan to be much more active over there (promise!), and I’ve got some exciting things coming up, like becoming a contributor for Tiny House Magazine and my upcoming article due out any minute now.

Go on now! Get goin’!

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