update on the land prep!


I have been meaning to write up a blog post about our progress with getting our land ready to move to, but we have been pretty busy! So here goes! Unfortunately, we accidentally hired a con man to bush hog a portion of our land and build a spring box for our water supply. We found out he was a con man from a post in a local group online the same day we wrote him a partial check for materials for the spring box, and luckily we were able to put a stop payment on the check. He ended up ripping off the check cashing store…he used to cash the check and keeping the money. We found out later that he has done this many, many, many times. (Update: he has since plead guilty to 12 felony counts of failure to work)

Then we had a difficult time finding someone else to build us a spring box, which surprised us considering the area. We considered doing the job ourselves. I did some reading on the subject, and it seemed pretty simple…except the part about digging down to the rock where the water first emerges. If you don’t do this properly, you can block up your spring. Then last week I found an amazing guy who is going to build us a spring box, using some gravel we already have on the property and a large concrete tank, AND clear the area we plan to put the tiny house…all in one day. And get this! It turns out he is a tiny home builder!! We had no idea before I contacted him. Therefore, he will be able to tow our tiny house for us too, which was another issue we didn’t have an answer for yet.

Hazy can’t wait to move here and get to play in this creek everyday 🙂

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  1. Glad to hear you were able to find another, better guy. “Good help is hard to find”–truer words were never said. Hope things are rolling along for you now 🙂

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