updated version of our farm layout

The Bumbleshack Tiny House Farm Plan

When I posted the earlier version of our farm plan, I failed to take into consideration the trench that runs through our property caused by the spring. I also didn’t include the hoophouse! How could I forget the hoophouse?!

You can clearly see the trench running through the property that starts just to the right of the spring box and ends behind the big house. It is fairly deep, about 2 to 3 feet. We considered filling it in with dirt, but we need a French drain or some way to filter our grey water from the tiny house. In the future, it will be used to water the tree orchard and ornamental flowers but until then it has to go somewhere. A solution would be to just use this trench and save our backs and some money! I included two little bridges since it will block our walking paths from the parking spots to the tiny house and studio.

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we have water!

temporary overflow pipe; will remove this when we hook up

As I mentioned in a previous post, we hired an awesome guy named Lance Graves to install our springbox after months of searching for someone who could do it. I was surprised that there didn’t seem to be anyone that did this professionally in an area where so many homes use springs and springboxes for their water supply. We were told by a few people to do it ourselves, and it seems our neighbors who have lived on the mountain forever most likely dug their springboxes themselves years ago. However after doing some Continue reading

the bumbleshack farm plan

The Bumbleshack Tiny House Farm & Studio Plan

A little while back I started laying out my tentative plan for the old farmstead. This plan has changed 800 times since I started it, and I know it will change 800 more times before it is finished, especially as … Continue reading

update on the land prep!


I have been meaning to write up a blog post about our progress with getting our land ready to move to, but we have been pretty busy! So here goes! There was 8 to 10 feet of growth from years of not maintaining it, and unfortunately we hired a con man to help us clear our property and build a spring box for our water supply. We found out he was a con man the same day we wrote him a partial check for building the spring box and his 2nd installment for land clearing, and luckily we were able to put a stop payment on the check. He ended up ripping off the check cashing store… Continue reading

the bumbleshack is soon to be the bumbleshack FARM!

Big news from the Bumbleshack!! After several months of searching, we found an awesome piece of land to put our tiny house on! But it is so much more than just a piece of land!! It is totally unrestricted, amid pastoral beauty, at 3700 feet elevation on the side of a beautiful mountain, just under 2 acres with almost 200 feet of rushing creek, an abundant spring for our drinking water, mature (HUGE) fruit producing apple trees, grape vines and a 100 year old 720 square foot house that we plan to renovate. Continue reading

update on the land search

Update! As I mentioned previously in a post over on our Facebook page, we received almost 20 offers within a couple of days in response to our ad looking for land to rent (and we are still getting the occasional offer roll in from new people who have just seen the post). We narrowed down our choices to our two favorites, and we are going to take a look at them this weekend! Our favorite is a lovely piece of property on a largish creek with an artist studio and a yurt, both of which we would be able to use. The owner will also give us reduced rent in exchange for helping out around the property. Awesome! The second is 20 acres all to ourselves…we only have to share it with the horses that graze there. And both of these properties are within 30 minutes of hubby’s new office and our oldest daughter’s future dance classes.

We will post pics! 🙂

tiny house family looking for land or farm to rent for 6 months near asheville!

Exciting news, everyone!! We will be moving into the Bumbleshack ALOT sooner than we expected! Why, you ask? Because hubby got a job in Asheville! He was looking for jobs in the future because he planned to stay with his … Continue reading