bumbleshack delivery week

Lisa and Hazy on delivery day

Lisa and Hazy on delivery day

So I finally have some time to sit down and write a blog post about the Bumbleshack delivery! It was a really crazy week with both the delivery and the 4th of July holiday, which is also our oldest daughter’s birthday. We originally thought the Bumbleshack was going to arrive on Saturday, but Joe had some truck issues and had to spend an extra night in Atlanta. Luckily, it was an easy fix, and he was able to get here on Sunday before noon. I got video of  his arrival, driving the tiny house over the bridge next to our house. It was so exciting! Here is a link to the video on our Facebook page.

We met Joe around the corner at a public parking lot that was big enough to park his truck and the tiny house for a few minutes while we perused the situation. We needed a plan of attack because we live on a very busy road, and let’s face it, this is one long load. Quickly, we decided to have Joe pull directly through the gate into the back yard, pull up next to the house, and then back down the hill toward the dock. Hubby had already built a nifty little border from landscaping timbers for the tiny house. Joe went back and forth just a few times, and it was in!

Now all we need are some tire covers, a little mulch and some potted plants, and it will look adorable. Frankly, it looks adorable already.

There were a few people in our lives who were dying to see the house, so we invited them over. My parents (of course they want to see this crazy idea of ours!), our neighbors and a couple of people we met in the Florida Tiny House Enthusiasts Facebook group. One of our friends brought us a little Buddha as a tiny housewarming gift. 🙂

Lisa, Joe & Jon in front of the Bumbleshack

Lisa, Joe & Jon behind the Bumbleshack (see the cute shed on the back?!)

Sunday afternoon we took Joe to Pass-a-grille beach (he lives in a landlocked state!) to meet up with Alex Pino of Tiny House Talk and his fiance, Andrea Fouch. We chilled at the Paradise Grille right on the beach, bought a few pitchers of beer and some yummy seafood and talked tiny houses! Joe got some swimming in. It was great fun, and I am so glad we got to meet Alex and Andrea too. Alex was nice enough to write up a little article about our tiny house delivery. You can check it out here.

Joe spent Monday leveling and setting up the tiny house, and then he made a quick trip back to the beach in the afternoon so he could get some more swimming in. He slept in the tiny house the whole time he was here and got to enjoy the river and a little kayaking too. We were glad to be able to share our home with such a likeminded person. He is our people. 🙂 It’s nice when you find your people.

Ooh, we bought a bunch of stuff to personalize the inside of the Bumbleshack! Go check it out on our Facebook page! I uploaded lots of pics of some of the things we have picked out and the process of installing them. We can’t wait until it is all done!

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